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Kinky Feminization in its Meaning - A Thesis Outline and Introduction

  Feminization in its unique sexual exploration meaning is an imaginative indulgence involving crossdressing mixed with varying degrees of sexualized domination and submission to accomplish much-heightened sexual gratification from that fetish-indulgence.


  This fetish was up until recent decades considered a very unique and isolated-participation taboo indulgence. But nowadays with sexual exploration becoming more progressive and unchallenged by unnatural pent-up guilt-laden self-inhibitions, men and women around the world are flocking into the ever-expanding community of forced feminization exploration.


This sexual 'niche' [ pronounced  kneesh - not nitch ] can be indulged in either as acted-out role playing fantasies - alone or with partners, or by fantasizing alone.


Through interactions, the roleplaying can be in-person between;

  • - partners in a close relationship with mutual interest of that kink
  • - arranged meetings between familiars in one-time or infrequent 'hook-ups'
  • - meetings with non-familiars in adult entertainment-themed establishments such as sex-clubs
  • - online virtual playing with others using various live networking tools including livecams, livechats, messaging, etc.....


  When this fetish is indulged in alone the fantasizer typically uses medium sources such as books, websites, videos, soundtracks that specifically directly or indirectly assist in creating, those scenarios involving forced feminization activities ranging from subtle to intense levels of passivity, hostility and sexuality.


Defining participants of this fetish can be categorized further as;


  • 'Admirer' ; one relegating themselves to only '3rd-party' observing without taking on a role of an interactive dominant or submissive; either watching players in person or partaking in  fetish related material such as images, movies, books, online live chats and forum discussions.
  • 'Submissive' ; the majority of this fetish participation are MALE submissives who may or may not also be active in various degrees or full commitment to being crossdressers, transvestites, sissified-submissives, sexualized-maids, feminized sex-slaves. Gratification for submissives can be achieved alone while indulging in fantasies, or in interaction with other 'players' such as by phone, virtual online interactions, and role-playing alone or with others in related fantasy scenarios or BDSM session activities.
  • 'Dominants' ; This role can be played out by males and typically, females. They see themselves as controlling the fate and actions of submissives in sexualized roleplaying either alone in fantasies, or as live-actors in roleplaying and/or BDSM sessions.



Aspects of Forced Feminization


Forced feminization can also branch-out into differing sub-categories such as;

  • - forced-crossdressing > submissives forced or intimidated to become crossdressed in fantasies involving bullying, intimidation, blackmailing, and/or use of hostile force.
  • - sissification > submissives forced to wear silky, flouncy and often humiliating exposing quasi-Victorian Age dresses while dominated typically by female dominants.
  • - BDSM > players involved simply immerse themselves  only/ primarily in the immense sexual gratification of a feminized submissive 'captive' in various types of bondage.


Conditions involved

As with most unique fetish pursuits, many 'extras' are involved. Forced Feminization also has many 'crossovers' with other fetishes - this further increases the growing popularity of this niche.


Imagination; indulging alone or interactively with others the primary extra specific enhancers used can include anything in the way of sexual-instruments such as for;


   * Submissives > overwhelming likelihood of 'wearing' anal/ butt plugs. Commonly they will submit themselves to others/ dominants putting them in bondage - or applying 'self-bondage' by themselves. In fantasizing their role-playing, costumes are a primary necessity - although full nudity is also a practise in which fake-tits/ breast forms may or may not be worn. Such attire can involve anything that is feminine; skimpy/sexualized versions of attire is predominant. Among the more popular wear are; fetish latex, vintage lingerie, sissy-dresses/ bloomers, 'sexy' secretary, 'sexy' maid, dungeon sex-slave, street-hooker, wedding-bride.....

   * Dominants > a dominant will fit into the character typically matching their submissive partner of fantasy's role. This will chiefly involve;

  • - the domineering wardrobe of a fetish kinky attire ( for a Dominatrix, Mistress, Domme, Master, 'Sir' , etc )
  • - a regular dressed household dominant 'wife' / ' husband' / paternal figure
  • - a villain ( for damsel in distress' captive roleplaying
  • - a costumed authority ( military, police etc )
  • - Kinky ( any choice of fetish kinky clothing )
  • - Regular ( no particular specific attire deemed necessary )


  Dominants will act if roleplaying involved, or no acting may be involved if simply bondage or a BDSM session is pursued as the focus with submissives.

A vast array of items can be used by dominants during 'play'. Included are bondage restraints such as ropes, equipment, slave-hoods and gags; sex-toys such as dildos, anal plugs, sex lotions/lubes; torment devices of varying pain-inflictions - such as nipple-clamps, pegs, choke-collars, whips, spankers, ticklers, tight-bondage, electrical shocking tools. Chastity-cock toys are common in roleplays with Female Supremacy overtones.



Limits involved

Of essential necessity in live interactive roleplaying, is the dominant and submissive pre-arranging 'limits' such as having sex or not and if so what kinds are explorable. The same goes for how much and what types of bondage, humiliation, pain levels, and session-lengths is used.


- Admirers > typically have forced-feminization material or other scenarios at hand to stimulate imagining crossover of that into forced feminization fantasies ( ie, a movie showing a pimp bullying his female whore can be re-envisioned as a pimp domineering his forced crossdressed hooker ).


Forced Feminization is a vast, expansive growing fetish niche that is thoroughly enjoyed by its participants due to its highly customizable ranges of involvement and the multiple aspects of heightened sexual gratification possible in its indulgence.




- Some of the more frequent crossover fetishes include; ( Crossdressing, transvestite-dating, bondage, sado-masochism, sissification, drag-queen, vintage-lingerie, leather-latex-pvc, kidnapping, sex-slave, chastity-devices, anal-play, female superiority, exhibitionism, voyeurism, swingers, sex-clubs, sex-maid, public sex, glory-holes )

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